Teach your students in grades 2-12 to read. Fast.

Readable English simplifies and accelerates the process of learning to read.

Students Learn to Read Faster: Readable English is a research-proven accelerated reading program that uses systematic phonics and phonemic awareness to exponentially increase fluency and comprehension. Students take ownership of their learning and quickly get to grade level and beyond.



Learning to read IS hard

65%* of kids today are not reading proficiently. That’s because the English language is unfair.

Words aren't pronounced the way they are spelled.

Letters can make more than one sound.

Then there are silent letters...

It doesn't have to be that hard!

Readable English addresses the real underlying problem by breaking the code of English.

Readable English is not your typical reading program.

Here’s how it works in schools:


Teachers get trained and supported.

Our premade scripted lessons make it easy for teachers to deliver content joyfully and confidently both in the classroom or online.


Students get reading.

In just weeks, students learn the 21 Readable English glyphs (visual cues) and can start reading grade-level content with accuracy and confidence.


Schools turn around.

Through coaching and support, teachers and principals create a successful school wide literacy and data focused culture.

Readable English reduces the cognitive load

Most reading programs are forced to focus on strategies to deal with the multitude of rules and exceptions in English – which creates a heavy cognitive load.

By making English phonetic, Readable English reduces the cognitive load so students learn to read, fast.

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Based on theory and data, I can recommend Readable English in the strongest possible terms. It has the power to transform the teaching of English.”

– Professor John Sweller,
Founder of Cognitive Load Theory

Readable English students grow twice as fast!

We keep fighting the literacy battle. Kids are coming to us further and further behind and we kept trying different interventions.

Then we tried Readable English for half a year and got 4,5,6 grade levels of growth on our formative assessments comparing beginning to the end, so no one can argue with that.”

– Tom Hughes, Middle School Principal

Readable English is perfect for...

  • Grades 2 – 12
  • Struggling readers
  • Special Ed students
  • English language learners
  • Schools & Districts
  • Alternative education
  • Literacy Organizations
  • Homeschools
  • In-person teaching
  • Online classes
  • Blended / Hybrid

*Results according to The Nations Report Card conducted by National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in 2019 for 4th graders.