English is a difficult language to learn to read. Words aren’t
spelled the way they are pronounced, some letters are silent and
many letters can make a variety of sounds. Readable English is an
innovative, evidence based and highly effective way to help students
overcome these barriers and dramatically improve their literacy skills.
Readable English helps students:
Struggling with reading
Learning English as a second language
Challenged by dyslexia
Learning to read for the first time
Annette Milne

Washington, USA
“When Dereck was introduced to Readable English, he was at a 2nd grade reading level during the summer before 4th grade. When he started school in the fall, Dereck was assessed at a 4th grade reading level.”
Neva Sultana, Teacher
Grace Lutheran College

Queensland, Australia
“We did it (the Readable English Program) in Term 3 for half an hour, twice a week, and the students improved within 9 weeks.”
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