Information for Clinicians

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. My concern is that a student will develop a dependency on the glyphs.
Readable English does not teach students to be dependent on the code, the glyphs. Readable English is designed so that students and teachers remove the glyphs as they master the words and sounds, in the way you would remove training wheels from a bicycle. Few children ever become dependent on training wheels. In the research studies that have been conducted, we’ve found that students actually simply ignore the glyphs for words that have been committed to memory as sight words.  
Q. Aren’t the glyphs just another code that will later need to be ‘unlearned’ or forgotten?’
Readable English makes English a phonetic language, making thousands of rules and complex exceptions redundant. Readable English is liberating, and to date no child has ever left the Readable English glyphs on, just as no child who learned to ride a bike ever left their training wheels on. Readable English provides students the agency to work to the level whereby they can switch the glyphs off once they get the text – and they do.
Q. Does learning the glyphs increase the cognitive load for students?
Readable English does not load the brain with another layer, in fact it removes the need for students to learn all the current phonetic/language conventional rules and exceptions – the existing layer where the real cognitive load sits. In this way, Readable English lightens the cognitive load, making heavy load language rule and exception lessons redundant. This is why Prof John Sweller (the founder of the Cognitive Load Theory) is a public advocate of Readable English.  
Q. I am pretty much only interested in evidence based teaching methods when it comes to teaching reading. What evidence do you have on the effectiveness of Readable English?
We’re continually gathering data to demonstrate the effectiveness of Readable English. We have relationships with major universities in Australia to publish findings in peer reviewed journals. In the meantime, we have collected standardised school testing data to show before and after results which you view on our Research Results page in About Us. On average, students learning Readable English improved at twice the rate of students in control groups, for both reading accuracy and comprehension.
Q. Will it conflict with my current methods?

Readable English is not a substitute for the good practices that teachers implement, such as structured synthetics phonics programs. However, where other phonics programs fail to address “tricky words” such as ‘who’, ‘though’ and ‘yacht’, Readable English builds a pronunciation guide right into the word eliminating the need for memorisation. We’ve found that the addition of the mark up does not conflict with most phonics based approaches, in that the spelling is kept in tact and it simply provides an extra visual cue that aligns with the rules they already know.

Many phonics programs denote the difference between sounds using italics For example ‘oo’ for ‘boot’ and ‘oo’ for ‘book’, and ‘th’ for ‘thumb’ and ‘th’ for ‘them’. Readable English goes a step further by adding the ‘glyphs’ in all instances when a letter doesn't make its usual sound, such as in the words ‘blood’ and ‘brooch’, which aren't covered by the usual phonics based approach mentioned above’.

Q. Once a student has learned the glyphs, what support materials are available in Readable English?
A core component of the Readable English program is the ability for teachers to be able to convert any texts or classroom materials into Readable English. The conversion tools on the website enable teachers to instantly convert text or upload whole documents to be converted. You can watch a video about this on YouTube. We also provide a number of reading practice materials through the website, including printable reading practice worksheets and the online Reading Practice Module. We’re continually working with authors and publishers to get content that can be made available in Readable English. You can check out these books for sale here, or browse the ebookstore on the website.
How to register to start using Readable English

If you are a organization that has many students and teachers/tutors, we will set you up as a school. You will be provided with a school administration account, where you can create teacher and student accounts, access reports etc. Please contact us so that we can get you started!

If you are a clinician and only looking to use Readable English with one student, you can sign up directly on the website as a parent on behalf of the family. However, we generally recommend that tutors/clinicians get in contact with us so we can negotiate a rate for using it with more than one student and provide you with an administration account.