Readable English Apps


Pronounce Precisely is an app you can use to check and improve your pronunciation of English words. Using voice recognition software, the app compares your pronunciation to native English speakers.

Record yourself saying a word into the app, and you’ll get instant feedback on your pronunciation – right down to how well you pronounced each individual sound in the word!


The What’s Changed? skill builder has been specifically designed to develop phonemic awareness - the ability to discern the sounds, and the sequence of sounds, within a word. Phonemic awareness is a critical skill for learning to read and can be improved with practice.

What’s Changed? is particularly useful for students who make errors when reading by omitting, adding, substituting or switching sounds in words.



The Choose or Lose skill builder develops letter-sound association and sight-word recognition. Play this game to learn the sounds of letters and glyphs, as well as develop sight recognition for the most common syllables and words in English.

Choose or Lose is useful for students who struggle to memorise sight words.