Information for Parents and Helpers

Readable English is a decoding tool that that can be used to facilitate reading using a range of books available through our bookstore as well as with any digital text, accessed through our eReader. Consequently, students can get the support they need with the materials they want to read until that support is no longer needed – it’s like training wheels for reading.

What issues does Readable English address?

It is expensive to get paid help

Readable English is available for under $100 for an annual subscription.

I don’t know how to teach

The Readable English Teacher guide provides a series of lessons to help you through the learning process.

Families are increasingly time poor

After a short initial learning phase, students will be able to read age appropriate materials independently.

Attempts to work with the child in my care can prompt arguments.

Readable English makes learning to read easier and quicker, reducing the potential for tension.

I don’t have relevant reading materials

Buy reading books in the Readable English bookstore

Are the students making progress? What is the required standard?

Students learn to read at their own pace until they are confident enough to remove the Readable English ‘training wheels’

I am not sure whether I am doing the right thing

Readable English has been shown to produce significant results in Department of Education approved trials.

I might need support

Readable English is simple, quick and fun. We are available to answer your queries by phone or online chat.

Imperfect parental English

The decomplexifying of written English reduces the requirement for parental support. Students are able to decode words independently with the Readable English markings.

Student attention and motivation can be variable

Studies have shown that use of Readable English increases student enjoyment of and engagement with the learning process, resulting in improved student attention and better learning outcomes.


What do I get?

Parents and helpers are provided with both a parent logon and a linked child logon.

From the parent account, it is possible to monitor the progress of the linked child account.

A subscription to Readable English provides parents and helpers with access to these materials:

  • 1 year of website access
    • Reading practice modules
    • Games and activities
    • Videos and glyph songs
    • Online lessons
    • eReader
  • Teaching guide with a scripted lesson plan
  • 2 free apps

How do I enrol?

Parents and helpers can preview Readable English by signing up for a free account below: just click on 'Try it now'. This will provide the ability to inspect the online materials, but not to use the online activities.

To subscribe, click the button below. You will be asked to provide details of both yourself and the student you wish to assist. Online payment is made instantly by credit card.

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