Information for Parents and Helpers

Readable English is a decoding tool, designed to support students in the early stages of learning to read. Using the conversion tools, any materials can be converted into Readable English text. Consequently, students can get the support they need with the materials they are expected to read until that support is no longer needed – it’s like training wheels for reading.


What do I get?

Parents and helpers are provided with both a parent logon and a linked child logon.

From the parent account, parents can monitor the progress of the linked child account.

A subscription to Readable English provides parents and helpers with access to these materials:

  • 1 year of website access
    • Reading practice modules
    • Online lessons, games and activities
    • Videos and glyph songs
    • PDFs of all printable worksheets, games and activities
    • Conversion tools and an eReader
  • Teaching guide with scripted lesson plans
  • 2 free apps

How do I enrol?

Parents and helpers can preview Readable English by signing up for a free account below: just click on 'Try it now'. This will enable you to see what’s available online, but not start using or completing the online activities.

To subscribe, click the button below. You will be asked to provide details of both you and your child. Online payment is made instantly by credit card.

What issues does Readable English address?

It is expensive to get paid help

At $97 for an annual subscription, Readable English is more affordable than a lot of other programs.

I want to try something at home, but I don’t know how to teach

The one-on-one teaching guide has been designed specifically for parents. Each lesson in the teaching guide has a detailed script you can follow to help you through the process.

I just don’t have time to work with my child

Because Readable English simplifies the process of learning to read by making words phonetic, you should find that after a short initial learning phase your child will be able to practise reading more independently.  

I’ve tried working with my child before, but they are not motivated and it can be frustrating for both of us

Feedback from users, as well as case studies in schools, have shown that students using Readable English have more perseverance in word attack and are more engaged with the learning process. This may help in reducing the tension when working together.

I don’t have relevant reading materials

The Reading Practice Module on the website provides you with levelled reading passages and comprehension questions. You can also take any of your child’s school work and convert it into Readable English using the conversion tools. Finally, you can also buy books in the online bookstore.

I don’t know how to know if my child is at the right reading level or not

Use your child’s school work and reading materials as a guide and ask your child’s teacher what level they’re supposed to be at. The reading materials on the website also give reading ages as a guide.

I might need support

You can find Readable English training videos on youtube, and the teaching guide provides a lot of support with detailed scripted lessons plans. However, we are also available to answer your queries by phone or online chat.

My own English is not very good

The pronunciation guide embedded into each word means that all the information required to decode and pronounce a word is readily available. Students can focus their attention on learning what the word means and how to use it. And because Readable English simplifies the process of learning to read, students are able to practise more independently.

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