Readable English Privacy Policy

The Information Collected

We collect information that you send us, including we log information from the games and other activities that you undertake when you use Readable English.

How we Store the Information

When you register, you are given a confidential and unique user ID that is known internally generated.

This confidential user ID and all personally identifying information, such as your name, your financial information, and physical address is encrypted and stored in a secure database on a separate machine, where all transactions are managed.

All your usage information and any other information is indexed against the user ID and not your name.

The information we log is stored in a database in XML or in machine code and this data is only available using special software which is not available except via the Readable English Research Team

What we do with the Information

We create summaries of this information for you the reader to see how you are performing.

If you are a supervised reader, and we will provide this information to your supervising Teacher or your Parent.

We will analyze what you read and we will make recommend reading materials based on your interests and on your reading level.

We will use the information that we collect for reading research. Usually this will involve creating a database with the results of many users (using ID’s not names) so that no data is personally identifiable. We will then run mathematical programs to help us understand relationships in the data. This will often be done inhouse but may from time to time engage bona fide researchers from established research organizations such as universities.

Over time, we think we will be able to make your learning more efficient and if we do, we will contact you and explain how this might work.

We may be required by the government or a court to provide your information to the government or similar body

Apart from the above, we will not divulge your information to a third party without your consent