Information for Teachers

Readable English is a decoding tool, designed to be integrated into any course curriculum. Using the conversion tools, any materials can be converted into Readable English text. Consequently, students can get the support they need with the materials they are expected to read until that support is no longer needed – it’s like training wheels for reading.


What do I get?

Schools and organisations are provided with an administration panel where they can setup individual teacher and student accounts.

From the teacher account, teachers can review students’ progress as well as assign online learning activities and materials to students.

A subscription to Readable English provides teachers with access to these materials:

  • 1 year of website access
    • Reading practice modules
    • Online lessons, games and activities
    • Videos and glyph songs
    • PDFs of all printable worksheets, games and activities
    • Conversion tools and an eReader
  • Teaching guide, including a scripted lesson plan
  • 2 free apps

How do I enrol?

Teachers can preview Readable English by signing up for a free account below: just click on 'Try it now'. This will enable you to look at all the online materials, but not enrol students.

To subscribe, click the button below. You will be asked to provide details of your school or organisation, as well as contact details to enable us to explain how organisational pricing works, how to setup your administrator logon and how to enrol individual students.

What issues does Readable English address?

I have students in my class who are behind with their reading

Teachers and tutors using Readable English have praised its effectiveness for improving students’ reading outcomes as well as facilitating a change in attitude toward reading.

I have students in my class who are improving, but it’s taking a long time

Trials of Readable English have shown that students who learned with Readable English improved at a faster rate than students in control groups.

I want to try new methods, but reading programs can be expensive

At $97 for an annual subscription, Readable English is more affordable than a lot of other programs. School pricing packages are also available.

There is a wide range of abilities in my class. Students read at different levels

You can control what students read. A range of reading materials are provided on the website, and you can convert different materials into Readable English for different students.

Student motivation can be an issue

Case studies in schools, as well as teacher and tutor testimonials, have shown that students using Readable English have more perseverance in word attack and are more engaged with the learning process.

Some of my students’ native languages are not English

The pronunciation guide embedded into each word means that all the information required to decode and pronounce a word is readily available. Students can focus their attention on learning what the word means and how to use it.

I do what I can with students in class time, but some don’t get very much support at home

Students can access the website and apps from home using their own accounts. Because Readable English simplifies the process of learning to read, students are able to practise more independently.

I feel like I don’t have enough one-on-one time with my students

By making English phonetic, students can accurately sound out and learn new words independently. This reduces the need for you to explicitly teach the 50% of English words that are not phonetic (e.g. 'yacht', 'knight', 'thought') and frees up more time for one-on-one student time.

My course offers rolling enrolments. If I started teaching Readable English, how would new students catch up?

Teachers in this situation have found that new students can quickly catch up by using printed versions of the glyph chart as a reference, as well as completing the lessons available on the website.

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