It’s the End of the Year – Are Your Students READy for What’s Next?

Missing assignments. Dwindling attendance. Disengaged students. We know teachers are looking for ways to get their students excited about reading again!

Readable English embeds a pronunciation guide into each word without changing the spelling, using glyphs (visual cues), graying out silent letters, and breaking words into syllables.

The faster, easier way to learn to read!

  • Break the Code of English Fast!
  • Conversion tool to access grade level content and beyond!
  • Improves reading comprehension
  • Ideal for grades 2-12

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What’s included with your purchase of Readable English?

  • 3 phases which include 29 weeks of content
  • Progress monitoring
  • Multi-sensory activities, games, and worksheets
  • Conversion Tool
  • Word volume counter
  • eReader for converting grade-level materials

“I couldn’t do it anymore. I worked and worked, I was tired, and nothing worked. I almost hated coming to school. Now I literally cannot wait to go to work because I’m so excited about this.”
– Janice Cossell, Special Ed Teacher