English was is one of the hardest languages to learn to read.
Say Goodbye to Learning Endless Rules and Exceptions!

Readable English is a new approach that makes the English language easily readable without being scary or overwhelming for students – or educators. Using a series of 21 glyphs, Readable English embeds a pronunciation guide right into each word – without changing the spelling. Students are able to confidently decode words and finally read.

Here’s what Readable English looks like:
See your own text in Readable English:
Readable English helps students:
Struggling with reading
Learning English as a second language
Challenged by dyslexia
Learning to read for the first time
Janice Cossell
Special Ed Teacher

Indiana, USA
“I’ve taught for 30 years and have never seen a program that has actually ‘taught’ kids to read. It has boosted their confidence! The kids have actually seen their reading levels increase this year, which is something they have never experienced before!”
Trudy Blue,

Indiana, USA
“I believe this program is saving our students' lives. It is transformational.”
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