Q. What's the evidence for the effectiveness of Readable English?
You might want to check out our testimonials page where you can watch videos or read testimonials from teachers and parents. You can also look at the research results page where you'll see the positive impact Readable English has had on students in Australia, the United States and other overseas countries.  
Q. I’m a teacher/principal and I’m interested in signing up my school?
That’s great! Click on the 'subscribe' button, select 'teacher / school' and you'll be directed to a short contact form to fill in. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.
Q. I’m a parent and I want to buy Readable English for my child?
That’s great! Click on the 'subscribe' button, select 'parent' and you'll be taken to a payment page. You'll be asked to fill in some details as well as create a username and password for your child.
Q. How can I see what Readable English is like before I subscribe?
You can create a free account before subscribing. This will give you access to the website to see some, but not all, of the features. Click on the "create free account" button and fill in the short form. Once you have a free account, you can subscribe from within the website.  
Q. I am already a registered user, but I’m having trouble signing into the system. 
Check that you are connected to the internet, and make sure you have entered your username and password correctly. If you don’t remember your password please click on the “Forgot Password” link and follow the instructions. 

Q. I’m experiencing issues with the videos / the videos won't play on my computer.

Our videos are deployed from video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Sometimes in schools and specific regions, video streaming sites are blocked.  We have solutions in place that should kick in automatically. However, if you're still experiencing issues, please get in contact with us along with your IT staff and we will try to work out a solution.

Q. How can I change my password?
Once you are signed into the website, click on the top right hand drop down menu. Go to the 'settings' page. You will see a section about changing your password, and you'll be asked to replace your old password with a new one. 
Q. Now that I’m registered, how do I get started?
Before a teacher or parent starts teaching the program to students, we recommend looking through the training materials. You'll find a "Training for Teachers' playlist on the Readable English youtube channel. You should also look through the Teaching Guide which you'll find on the website. You should follow the lesson plan in the Teaching Guide as you teach Readable English. 
Q. What are the lessons on the website? 

There are three modules of lessons on the website. The "3 in 1" glyph lessons introduce the Readable English glyphs three at a time. This is a fast paced approach for students who already have basic letter-sound knowledge. The "1 by 1" lessons introduce the Readable English system one glyph at a time, starting with a quick review of the Standard English sounds. This is recommended for students who need a more concentrated approach. The third set of lessons, the Standard English lessons, introduce the standard sounds of English for students who do not yet know these sounds. To assist you in knowing where to begin, you can have your students complete the Standard English sounds "Pretest" on the website.

Q. Are there quizzes to assess learning?
There is a quiz at the end of each website lesson. At the end of the quiz, students receive their quiz results and missed answers. They can retake the quiz as many times as they like. There are also paper based quizzes. You'll find these in the Teaching Resources page of the website.   
Q. What do the Star Words lists do?
The Star Words lists allow students to create lists of words to practice. They can “star” a word in any of the tools, then access these lists later for practice. Any word that is 'starred' will appear in the "My Star Words" list in the eReader library. 
Q. Is there a place on the website where I can see all of the Readable English glyphs?
Yes. Check out the “Quick Guides” section. These interactive charts show all of the sounds of the English language and all of the Readable English glyphs.
Q. What if the glyphs for a word do not reflect the exact pronunciation of that word?
Pronunciation varies as different speakers have different accents and some words can be pronounced in different ways. Readable English is meant to be an easily recognizable guide that will lead users to the correct word. The glyphs for specific words may not always be perfect, however they should indicate the correct pronunciation closely enough for students to be able to successfully sound out the word. 
Q. Is there a way to look up the definition of words?
You can search words directly from your user dashboard in the search widget. You will be directed to the dictionary page and provided with the definition. In the eReader, if you click on a word, you will also see the definition of the word in the pop-up box.
Q. How do I use the Readable English eReader?
In the conversion tool, you can convert text and/or documents into Readable English. Your documents will be saved automatically under “My Documents” so you can access them later. You can also check out some of the provided materials under “Practice Materials” that you can use for reading practice.
Q. What reading practice materials are available on the website?
The Reading Practice Module contains leveled reading passages with comprehension questions. There are also books available in the Book Store, and some additional reading practice materials in the eReader under “Practice Materials”. Students and teachers can also create their own practice lists, and save them in their eReader libraries. 
Q. Are there any Readable English apps?
Yes, currently the Choose or Lose game and the What’s Changed game are available as native apps. We also offer a dictionary app, called Pronounce Precisely, which displays words in Readable English, provides definitions and translations, and uses voice recognition technology to assess pronunciation of words down to the phoneme level. Currently, apps are available for Apple and Android.
Q. I’m a private tutor working with a student. Should I sign up as a teacher or a parent?
If you only intend to use Readable English with one student, then you can sign up as a parent on behalf of the family. But generally we recommend that tutors get into contact with us (via the form on the Schools and Teachers page) so that we can negotiate a rate for using it with more than one student. 
Q. What are the technical requirements?
When using the website on a computer or laptop, the preferred browser is Google Chrome. The website also works on Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera. If you are using Internet Explorer, please make sure you are using the latest version of the browser. When using the website on a tablet, iOS devices will need to be iOS 10 or above and Samsung tablets need to be 6.0 or above.