How to Use Readable English


The Readable English learning program

The Readable English program is delivered across three phases: Glyph Learning, Reading Accuracy & Fluency, and Reading Fluency & Comprehension. The teacher’s website dashboard guides teachers through the phases with weekly teaching schedules and scripted lesson plans.

 Phase 1 – Glyph Learning

Students learn the Readable English system, and start developing the key reading skills phonics and phonemic awareness.

  • Fun, catchy videos, songs and body movements
  • Website lessons and apps
  • Printable worksheets, board games and class participation games
  • "Blended learning" through the use of rotation stations


Phase 2 – Reading Accuracy & Fluency

Students build reading accuracy and fluency while continuing to reinforce letter and glyph sounds.

  • Weekly teaching schedule and lesson plans for 12 weeks (60 lessons)
  • Printable worksheets help students integrate and utilize the Readable English mark up to develop spelling, grammar and sight word recognition
  • Reading "fluency builders" with progress monitoring


Phase 3 – Reading Fluency & Comprehension

Students continue to build reading fluency while developing reading comprehension.

  • Weekly teaching schedule and lesson plans for 12 weeks (60 lessons)
  • Printable worksheets focusing on comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills
  • Weekly exercises for converting classroom materials into Readable English


Converting your class materials into Readable English

Readable English is a decoding tool designed to be integrated with any class curriculum. The eReader is a conversion tool that converts text into Readable English, giving teachers the flexibility to create and to use their own content with the Readable English mark up.

  • Convert any text into Readable English
  • Students have the support of Readable English for all of their school subjects
  • Share documents with students electronically
  • Print out documents marked up in Readable English


Using the eReader, students can choose how they want to set up their reading experience. They can start with their documents in Readable English and then can turn the markings off for each word they already know, or they can start with Standard English and then click only on the words they struggle with. Whichever way they choose, Readable English is like training wheels for reading. The phonetic markings are a support for accurate and confident decoding until they are no longer needed.