Our Story

Readable English was co-created by Ann Fitts and Chris Stephen. Their story is of a chance meeting that developed into a shared vision, passion, and eventually also a life partnership.

Ann and Chris met by chance at a meditation retreat in California. Ann, a reading specialist from California, was working at that time at The Reading Clinic, a tutoring centre she had co-founded in 1997 that helped struggling readers learn to read through intensive, multi-sensory reading programs. While these programs were successful, Ann felt unsatisfied by the sheer amount of time spent on memorization that was required by the students in order to attain mastery.

Chris, the founder of ReadHowYouWant, an Australian publishing company that provides a variety of customized reading formats including Large Print, Braille and DAISY, had focused his work on helping people read by changing the format of the text. He had become interested in creating a new format that would specifically help struggling and dyslexic readers.

When Ann and Chris met, they soon realised that they shared a passion - helping people read. Their passion quickly turned into a common vision developing a new way for people to learn to read. From this merging of their experience, passion, vision, and hard work came Readable English.

Our Founders

Ann Fitts

Ann is a Reading Specialist and has worked in the field of education for 20 years. Before joining ReadHowYouWant in 2009, Ann founded and directed The Reading Clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area (since 1997). Prior to The Reading Clinic, Ann worked at Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, where she was trained in multi-sensory teaching techniques for children with phonological processing and language disorders. She also worked in private practice with students with reading, writing, language and math disorders including dyslexia, hyperlexia and ADHD. Ann received her Baccalaureate degree in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University.

Chris Stephen

Prior to founding ReadHowYouWant, a publishing company that provides a variety of customized reading formats, Chris had created and sold two multi-million dollar multinational businesses to major Internationals, Computer Law Services and Lawpoint. Chris has degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Economics and Law. He has taught Mathematics and Statistics at Sydney University and he has been granted four patents (with two more applications pending) for inventions relating to customized book formats to make it easier for people to read.